Fynch Hatton

Fynch Hatton

Since Fynch Hatton was established in 1998, the company has been utterly dedicated to authentic & affordable style for men.


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Fynch-Hatton Blue Fond Check SS ShirtFynch-Hatton Blue Fond Check SS Shirt
Fynch-Hatton Blue Fond Check SS Shirt
Checks in a soft color give the style its modern vibe, while dark buttons and grosgrain ribbon undercarriages complement the design individually. A successful outfit combination for this men's shirt is created with chinos or shorts and airy shoes.

Fynch-Hatton Linen Blend Print Story LS ShirtFynch-Hatton Linen Blend Print Story LS Shirt
Fynch-Hatton Linen Blend Print Story LS Shirt
This casually cut FYNCH-HATTON shirt made of light and airy linen and cotton is a loyal vacation companion for modern gentlemen. Palm trees, palm fronds or artful circular patterns exude tropical flair, while dark buttons and contrasting underlays fit perfectly into the design. Declare this men's shirt as your travel buddy or complement your urban summer wardrobe and enjoy stylish comfort wherever...
Fynch-Hatton Premium Combi Print ShirtFynch-Hatton Premium Combi Print Shirt
Fynch-Hatton Premium Combi Print Shirt
The FYNCH-HATTON shirt combines summer premium print and pleasantly light cotton. The contrasting underlays give the sophisticated design a refreshing touch. Thanks to the casual cut, the men's shirt fits perfectly.

Fynch-Hatton Premium Linen SS ShirtFynch-Hatton Premium Linen SS Shirt
Fynch-Hatton Premium Linen SS Shirt
Perfect for the summer months: the FYNCH-HATTON short-sleeved shirt made of pure linen ensures airy comfort even at high temperatures. The buttoned collar and the appliqued pocket at chest level create the timeless look of the men's shirt, which is complemented by the coloring with fresh appeal.
Fynch-Hatton Structure Check SS ShirtFynch-Hatton Structure Check SS Shirt
Fynch-Hatton Structure Check SS Shirt
An excellent basic for your summer wardrobe: earthy nuances and a dynamic texture determine the look of this short-sleeved FYNCH-HATTON shirt. Glossy buttons, striped grosgrain ribbons and contrasting underlays add modern appeal. Thanks to the careful manufacture of soft, light cotton, the button-down shirt is very comfortable to wear. Best done with shorts and sandals and tackling the warm weather...


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