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Beaded Elephamt Velvet Headband TerracottaBeaded Elephamt Velvet Headband Terracotta
Beaded Elephamt Velvet Headband Terracotta
Where rich terracotta and art deco design combines to create a luxurious velvet beaded headband. Featuring an elegant elephant, this headband inspires positivity and eternal elegance. Hand made in India, this velvet beaded headband comes with our iconic gift packaging for the most thoughtful gift for someone special or treat to yourself.

Elephant Satin Embroidered Headband CornflowerElephant Satin Embroidered Headband Cornflower
Elephant Satin Embroidered Headband Cornflower
Powder transports you into a world full of decorative design and charismatic characters. Featuring a loveably embroidered elephant motif on satin and gold details, this headband will have you feeling luxurious every day! Comes with a gorgeous complimentary gift bag to make treating yourself or a loved one extra special.