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Caffe NU Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablet
The first ever capsule to clean your Nespresso® coffee machine. The capsule releases a unique foaming agent inside the brewing chamber that gets rid of old coffee oils and residue in just 2 minutes. Protects against any bacterial build up. Don’t forget, only a clean machine makes fresh coffee.
£6.99 £3.99
Quickshine  Descaler BagQuickshine  Descaler Bag
Quickshine Descaler Bag
The universal descaler in a drop-in bag. Works just like a tea bag. Just boil your kettle, pop in a Quickshine bag, leave it to fizz, then rinse to leave your kettle as good as new. Suitable for metal and plastic kettles. Non-toxic.

Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsule
Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsule
Slotting into your Nespresso machine just like a coffee pod, Caffenu cleaning capsules contain a powerful foaming agent that gets into all the inaccessible spots in the brewing chamber and spout that water or descaler solution can struggle to reach. As easy as making a cup of coffee, just pop them in as you would a coffee capsule and turn your Nespresso machine on. They take just two minutes to remove...