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Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsule
Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsule
Slotting into your Nespresso machine just like a coffee pod, Caffenu cleaning capsules contain a powerful foaming agent that gets into all the inaccessible spots in the brewing chamber and spout that water or descaler solution can struggle to reach. As easy as making a cup of coffee, just pop them in as you would a coffee capsule and turn your Nespresso machine on. They take just two minutes to remove...
Stellar Stainless Steel Cleaner 250ml
The Stellar Stainless Steel Cleaner is excellent for keeping your stainless steel products and surfaces clean as new whilst also controlling the build up of bacteria. Made specifically for the task, buff your pots, pans, cutlery and appliances to a high shine or, alternitively, to a subtle matt finish. Ideal for ceramic hobs and stainless steel sinks too, you will feel very satisfied with the finished...
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