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Cole & Mason Acrylic Mill TrayCole & Mason Acrylic Mill Tray
Cole & Mason Acrylic Mill Tray
This Acrylic Mill Tray from Cole & Mason is the perfect finishing touch to the presentation of Cole & Mason's salt and pepper mills. Stylish and functional, it collects any salt and pepper residues, keeping counter tops clean and tidy. Made from a sturdy clear acrylic Fits Cole & Mason's full range of salt and pepper mills. Cole & Mason share your enthusiasm for a more adventurous...

Cole & Mason Bridgewater Cast Iron Salt MillCole & Mason Bridgewater Cast Iron Salt Mill
Cole & Mason Bridgewater Cast Iron Salt Mill
Easily fill your mill by unscrewing the knob on top and remove it along with the wooden top. Fill up with your favourite salt, replace the top and enjoy freshly ground salt. Adjust the grind by tightening or loosening the knob on top. Cole & Mason's Precision+ carbon steel mechanism ensures maximum flavour release from every turn. Designed and engineered in England, the robust mechanism delivers...
Cole & Mason Bray 70mm Glass Shakers Set
Cole & Mason Bray 70mm Glass Shakers Set
A set of simple yet stylish salt and pepper shakers made from glass with stainless steel tops. Featuring a spiral pattern which not only looks stylish but is comfortable to hold and use. Both shakers come already completely filled with ground black pepper and fine sea salt. Simply unscrew the stainless steel top to remove the foil seal and start using straight away. Whilst they may be small in size...

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