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Stellar Sabatier 5pc Knife Block Set
The Stellar Sabatier combination of Carbon-Chrome-Molybdenum and Vanadium Steel offers the advantages of easy sharpening with extended edge life and resistance to rust and stains. Each blade is fully forged from a single billet of top grade steel - not strip steel. Blades have a full length 'tang' which extends into the handle. The craftsman-ground edges will retain their sharpness through expert hardening...
£106.00 £89.99
Amefa V Sabatier 5pce Knife Block Set
Sabatier and Richardson Sheffield - two great names, your guarantee of a truly premium knife. In the home, these knives have become the benchmark for anyone who takes their cooking seriously and understands the importance of using the right tools. For proffessional chefs who expect the highest standards in reliability, precision and performance, the V Sabatier knives simply deliver. This set includes;...
£132.00 £89.99

Judge Scissors 3 Pce Block Set
This set from Judge contains 3 scissors for a range of household cutting needs. The blades have been crafted using stainless steel for long lasting sharpness and the soft grip handles are ergonomically shaped. The scissors comes in a stylish presentation block that is perfect for setting on your kitchen counter. The scissors are 6cm, 8cm & 10cm.
£15.75 £10.95